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Structural Integration

Postural Change for Optimal Health


A few words about me

Gwendolyn Sheveland is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Structural Integrator whose goal is to create ease in movement for all bodies. She understands how to facilitate restoration and maximum potential in your body.

She works with clients of all ages to restore range of motion and pain free movement. Structural integration aims to open posture and decrease restrictions that cause postural imbalances. Through this integrative approach, the body is able to operate with a healthier pattern of function and balance.

Gwen Sheveland, CSI

Why Structural Integration?

Time, gravity, injury, along with life's activities can build an uncomfortably tight net where your fascia becomes constricted. Structural Integration can rebalance and revitalize your body's posture through slow and specific bodywork.


What Does Structural Integration Help?

Structural Integration can help alleviate low back pain, neck stiffness, shoulders mobility, foot pain, headaches and migraines, sciatic pain, and many other chronic conditions!


What Will I Feel?

Immediately after a session, each client will notice different changes. Most clients report feeling lighter, having greater ease of movement, and a significant decrease in body pain. Some people may experience mild soreness with this work, but overall clients will notice the broader benefits from this postural work.

What Can I Expect? ​

Deep Relaxation & Tremendous Pain Relief

Structural Integration is manual bodywork that uses slow deep pressure applied in a systematic approach. Each session is comprised of a different goal and moments that realign fascia. We carefully work within each person's comfort level and maintain active dialogue throughout each session.

"Gwen has done an incredible job of helping me manage and improve back and hip pain that had me contemplating surgery when I started. I had a hard time even walking without pain and had given up most of my workouts. Within the first two or three sessions I noticed the tension leaving my back and I was able to resume careful workouts. I highly recommend her work, and look forward to being a patient for a long time."



"I highly recommend the services that Gwen provides without reservation. Being a personal trainer for over 20+yrs with an athletic training and strength & conditioning background it has been a true pleasure to work with someone whom is professional, well studied, and above all PASSIONATE about her work & the care for the individuals whom she works on."


Anthony Tevlin, Personal Trainer
Northwest Functional Fitness

Contact Gwen to learn how Structural Integration can benefit you.

Gwen is excited to work with you on your path to healing.

Call: (206) 218-3365

COR Institute - 501 S Bernard St, Suite 206, Spokane, WA 99204

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