Postural Change for Optimal Health

Structual Integration

Rebalance and revitalize your body's posture.

Vital Capacity - Session 1 - Structural Integration

Session 1

Hour of Vital Capacity

A gentle approach to opening the front of the body (ribs, shoulders, arms and neck) so that upright posture can be more easily experienced. Frequent sitting and forward head positioning will compound with gravity to decrease the space we have to breathe openly and sit and stand comfortably with long and tall posture.

Session 2

Hour of Feet and Legs

In this transformative session, we reintegrate full range of motion in the toes and feet and re-establish that connection to the calf muscle and upper leg. Greater balance and stability are the goal of this session.

Hour of Feet and Legs - Session 2 - Structural Integration
Quadrates Lumborum (QL) - Session 3 - Structural Integration

Session 3

Hour of the Quadrates Lumborum (QL)

This wonderful session works on creating an open moment and elevated posture in the ribs, lats QL, and hips down into the glutes and IT band. Clients will notice upon standing: ease of tall posture, decrease in low back and hip tension. Walking and sitting are done with a greater range of motion and feel more “natural” and with less restriction.

Session 4

Hour of the Adductors

While this muscle group may not be a familiar one, its impact on the posture and the back will be immediately felt. Clients will notice more balance and a more even pelvis-which means ease of movement and less pain and restriction.

Adductors - Session 4 - Structural Integration
Psoas - Session 5 - Structural Integration

Session 5

Hour of the Psoas

This session creates a very dramatic change for those who have athletic pain and or significant low back issues. The Psoas is a large muscle affecting many movements (walking, running, standing, sitting and breathing). This session seeks to release its tightness and begin restoring the length and openness of this muscle.

Session 6

Hour of the Posterior Legs and Sacrum

This session seeks to address the perpetual shortening of the hamstrings and balances the glutes and deep rotators of the hips. Clients will notice continued ease of movement and more space in the back and hips and legs.

Posterior Legs Sacrum - Session 6 - Structural Integration
Head Neck Face - Session 7 - Structural Integration

Session 7

Hour of the Head, Neck and Face

In this session we balance the cable of the head and neck so the weight of the head is even and the cables holding the head are not restricted. Clients will notice the head feels lighter and there is greater range of motion and decreased neck tension.

Session 8

Upper Body Opening

This session incorporates the hands, arms shoulder and back. This hour folds all the new information back into balance again.

Upper Boday Opening - Session 8 - Structural Integration
Lower Body - Session 9 - Structural Integration

Session 9

Hour of the Lower Body

In this session we revisit all the previous work and refine it further. Clients will notice greater ease of movement, balance in standing up and sitting.

Session 10

Balancing of the Joints

In this session we focus on creating evenness in the joints of the body. This refinement protects the major joint from uneven stress that impacts their functionality.

Balancing Joints - Session 10 - Structural Integration

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