“Gwen has been working with me, restoring me, for two years. In that time, she has skillfully repaired a shoulder injury, realigned and rejuvenated my strength and been a key element in allowing me to enjoy a fuller, more functional and stronger life experience.

Structural integration, as the name suggests, recalibrates and adjusts the malfunctions our body accumulates over time. As a SI master Gwen knows and understands our anatomy and the intricacies of how our body connects and supports itself.

I have learned SO much, enjoyed enormous benefit and truly become an improved human through Gwen’s talents. She brings dedication, knowledge and compassion with what she does so well. Gwen is magnanimous in how she applies her craft. She cares about her clients and radiates confidence, kindness and caring in what she does as well as who she is.

I recommend Gwen with my most authentic endorsement."


"I would highly recommend the services that Gwen provides without reservation. Being a personal trainer for over 20+yrs with an athletic training and strength & conditioning background it has been a true pleasure to work with someone whom is professional, well studied, and above all PASSIONATE about her work & the care for the individuals whom she works on. I have personal experience with Gwen having worked on me as well as some of my own clients. You wont find a better professional nor a better person with whom to trust your body with. If you really want to get better & healthier, don't hesitate for a moment."

Anthony Tevlin, Personal Trainer
Northwest Functional Fitness

"I have been a patient of South Hill Structural Integration for over a year. Gwen Sheveland has done an incredible job of helping me manage and improve back and hip pain that had me contemplating surgery when I started. I have always been athletic and have worked out several times a week. When I first was introduced to Gwen, I had a hard time even walking without pain and had given up most of my workouts. Within the first two or three sessions I noticed the tension leaving my back and I was able to resume careful workouts. In addition, I have learned an incredible amount about how different muscles work together and when I start sensing a problem I can make changes to my routine to avoid further injury. Gwen has an incredible intuition and feel for how your body should move, and is a delight to work with. One of the things that I truly appreciate is how she can help loosen up something that isn’t working right before it becomes a problem. I highly recommend her work, and look forward to being a patient for a long time."


“Gwen has helped me address a number of issues stemming from three ruptured cervical discs. The ruptured discs were causing issues in other parts of my body (shoulder, hips, low back, even my feet).  Thanks to Gwen, I’m now much better able to understand how issues in one isolated part of the body integrally relate to so many other parts of the body.  That understanding has led to much better pain management, core strength, posture, and balance.  While I had previously relied on periodic cervical spine steroid injections, I don’t really need those injections anymore. Gwen’s structural integration sessions help in a much more meaningful and, especially, sustainable way."


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